We Wash Feet

I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.

A Family Thought 

Family is important.

Spending time with family is even more so.

So why do we mostly get together only on holidays?   I use to understand that miles held us apart, but now miles no longer separate the majority of us.  We live in the same valley, travel the same highways.

Busy days.

Separate lives.

I do not know my cousins or their kids.

I Facebook. That helps.  I try my best to be at their showers, celebrations, parties and events— when invited.

I Facebook. That hurts.  I wince at out of state wedding pictures and Local birthday parties for littles. I would have sent a gift. Possibly even delivered it.  I want to be included.

Our paths occasionally cross at restaurants ….. community events …….. and funerals. I want to get to know them.   Do they long to know me better, to reminisce of camps and sleepovers and to fashion new memories?

Soon a new year will begin, with new goals and resolutions. I want one of mine to be to get to know more of my family. After all we’ve lived in the same town for most of my married life.  My mother’s family and my father’s are mostly within an hours radius.  Some are further but most are close.

So how do I begin? How can I make this be more than just a wishful, fleeting thought while I’m reflecting on 2014?

Take that first step.  Invite a couple of them to lunch? Include them in my own activities? Ask them how they are doing? Care beyond Facebook or through Facebook.   Be intentional. Schedule appointments.   I think that’s a start, at least I’ve recognized that need, right?  Now let’s do something about it!

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