We Wash Feet

I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.

The school year begins 

Bedtime came before the sun set but we still tried our best to squeeze out every last drop of summer break.

I hosted a girlfriends Bible Study in the living room until 9.  Yes, the night before we go back to school.  I slipped away to tuck him in and make sure he had clothes laid out for the big day!

Of course the morning came too soon.  Our high schooler somehow squirmed out of the first day of school picture but little does he know I snapped one while he ate a snack right after school!

first day of second day

Our second grader posed under the tree. We prayed together for his day, his teachers, our school. He was excited to get back to school. I didn’t even get to walk him in. He just got out at the morning drop off door, exchanged words of endearment with me and trotted right inside the building. 

He remembered my every morning tradition:

“I love you.

Grow in wisdom and

Be a blessing.”

Teary eyed, I scooted on over to Chick Fil A to meet up with another mama sending her 4th grader to public school for the first time.  It was our own little Tears n Tea, Coffee n Cry mommy meeting, only this time I got to be the listener or at the least the distraction! 

I fondly remember my friend insisting I meet her for breakfast on my first day of public school kindergarten attendance. I homeschooled his older brothers the previous 10+ years so this was a difficult morning filled with uncertainty. What a blessing she was that morning. I hope I passed on that same care and love.

Encouraging others can be simple. Let’s be on the lookout for another mom to console, bless, and serve when school kicks off next year. Until then . . . 

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