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I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.

I Quit My Job Today

Although there was the infamous straw, I had long contemplated this day. In fact I wrestled with returning for this school year, prayed, sought Godly council and decided because I didn’t know the reason for this nagging feeling that if and when there was a reason, I could always quit later on. I should have listened and obeyed that still small voice. It was there.
Isn’t it interesting how much louder that still small voice becomes in retrospect? 

I feel relieved. I can breath again. I teach reading part time (At least for a couple more weeks). My son attends this school. I serve as PTO secretary. Maintaining good rapport with teachers and administration is essential and a huge concern. Thankfully, we have an amazing Principal who listened, problem solved with me, and requested I be available to sub.  I left feeling positive as if I should have done this week’s ago. 

Keeping our priorities in proper working order is vitally important. This part time position was insisting on more and more time away from my family to plan and prepare for the next day. My 3 hours of paid work was taking my full day’s attention. There wasn’t time to serve as wife, mother, friend. 

I do realize you may not be able to step back from your job. You may be the primary income in your home. I realize I am blessed beyond measure to afford this luxury. A single income, 2 parent home is a luxury.  I’m not advocating everyone quit. This was just what I needed to do to be obedient to my calling and ministry.  

Who knows, I’m hopeful you will see more of me in the blogosphere! 

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