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I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.

Operation Christmas Child

Like so many of you, Christmas is my favorite time of the year! Opportunities to serve others are so numerous that you really do have to be careful to not overextend yourself or your budget.  With so many worthy causes, it can be difficult to choose between the various charities and projects. You can provide Christmas for local families, children overseas, prisoners and their families, food, farm animals, ornaments. You name it, its out there and I have a hard time choosing! 

One of my favorite choices is packing a shoebox full of Christmas gifts for a child overseas. It’s a small, easy project, child friendly and inexpensive.  I remember our first shoebox. It must have been in the early nineties when my boys and I chose a gender and age group, then headed to Walmart to shop! This turned out to be such an exciting learning experience for them. A few days later we strolled into MOPS with filled boxes in tow and huge grins on our faces. Those boxes multiplied as mom after mom brought in a box. 

Operation Christmas Child has continued to bless kids around the world. Most years we’ve participated and loved it. This year Tim’s class helped us.  We sent home a letter saying we were packing a girl and a boy box as a class and the response was tremendous. We watched our 2 boxes grow into 5 boxes in the end.  

The teacher enjoyed it so much that she and another teacher plan to make this an annual project! Maybe it will be contagious! I sure hope so! 

The enthusiasm of these second graders inspired me to pack a box for an older boy myself. I did a little research for suggestions to fill the box and Pinterest had a ton of ideas. I packed it so full: fishing gear, hygiene products, a deflated soccer ball and pump, a compass and whistle, a harmonica, a bandana, washcloth and tshirt, rope, tools, candy, a collapsible bowl, a spoon and fork, school supplies and a water bottle.  I took the advice I read and found more items than could possibly fit inside our box. I sent him a soccer ball and the harmonica to play with but I also tried to think practical and sent a couple of tools and things that I’m hopeful he could use. He has fishing wire, hooks, weights and lures to fish. He just needs to find a sturdy stick and attach the string!  I may have enjoyed purchasing and packing the contents more than he enjoyed opening it! 

Operation Shoe Box is one of the easiest ways to give back and serve others. Please consider packing a shoebox or two this Christmas 

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