We Wash Feet

I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.

New year, New Attempt  

So my last post was in 2015. Well, the last post to be published that is.  I fill notebooks, journals and tablets with my scribbles, doodles, thoughts, prayers and words about just about everything. It’s how I release it. Many years ago someone, in some book suggested writing a WOMM list, (What’s on my mind) and to this day I still dump my brain on paper with WOMM centered on the first line. If I can get it on paper, it’s as if I don’t have to stress about it anymore. A friend said I should try bullet journaling. I might. 

In 2016 we continued to serve in our community, our schools, our church and each other. I joined a great team of 4 ladies and started serving our church district as women’s ministry coordinators. I became PTO president for our elementary school and continued to serve spaghetti most Friday nights to whomever joins us. Many things happened in 2016 but let’s not focus on all that, let’s look toward 2017. It promises to bring many opportunities to be an example to others in what we say, in the way we live, in our love, our faith and our purity. 

I intend to blog more this year, to record my thoughts and our family’s journey along the way. I would like to see We Wash Feet encourage you to follow Christ’s example, serving up huge helpings of hospitality and love, grace, mercy and truth! 

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