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I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.

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Today, I pulled on my turquoise volunteer t-shirt, drove my nephew over to catch a ride to church camp, and headed on into the gym to meet up with the other volunteers who would be helping to distribute groceries to anyone and everyone who arrives.  

Both the truck and a van were loaded down to the max with this week’s selections, donated by our local super markets. Over 2000 pounds of food weighed in, bar codes marked through, and placed on tables.  Volunteers Of all ages worked quickly to be ready for clients by noon. 


People with boxes in hand began to arrive almost as quickly as we began to ready the tables.  Chairs were set out for people waiting. Breakfast was served.   Numbered tickets were distributed. The gospel’s salvation message was presented. People began to file around the tables choosing what will fill their box. The need is always great and we were are all too happy to distribute. 

This is just one avenue to help meet the needs in our community. Food distributions are the first, third and sometimes fifth Saturdays of each month, beginning at 12:00. Anyone can come that needs help. Everyone is welcome. 

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